Garage Biology is a podcast devoted to cheap and DIY approaches to biology. The goal is to make academic and industry advances understandable to an amateur audience and promote a spirit of scientific discovery and fun exploration. Your hosts are briefly introduced below:

Eri Gentry
Eri Gentry
Eri is Community Manger of Genomera, a Health 2.0 startup enabling open-source health discovery, and Founder of BioCurious, the Bay Area’s first hackerspace for biotech. Her mission is to make positive change in the world by enabling innovation in science through collaboration and education.
Eri serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of SynBERC, is a Citizen Science blogger for MAKE Magazine, and is an organizer of the Bay Area Quantified Self meetup. She is often found sailing at OCSC, creating open health studies, or attempting to swing kettlebells. Eri was previously CEO of Livly, a nonprofit biotech on a mission to cure cancer, and received a bachelor’s in Economics at Yale.

Derek Jacoby
Derek Jacoby
Derek Jacoby has strong ties to both the United States and Canada. He
grew up in Hamilton, Ontario and represented Canada on the junior
National wrestling team for several years. This led to a wrestling
scholarship in the US, and he graduated from Rice University in
Houston, Texas with a psychology degree. A range of interests led to
jobs at compaq as a usability engineer and MD Anderson Cancer Center
as a software developer in the biostatistics department before finally
landing at Microsoft. Derek spent a decade at Microsoft in a variety
of roles on the Windows team and Microsoft research, including heading
a project to look at speech recognition on mobile devices. An interest
in biology eventually led him back to graduate school at the
University of Victoria in British Columbia where he founded an iGEM
team to compete in the MIT-sponsored competition to create novel
bacterial lifeforms. He is currently pursuing a PhD on the topic of
visualization of genomic data in clinical cancer patients.

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